Corrective Action: Back Edition
Total cost: $49.00

Corrective Action: Back Edition

4 Weeks / 3 Days per Week

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About the Program:
-Addresses common midline and postural strength balance issues with easy to follow core busting workouts.
-12 workouts to perform before your normal daily workout.
-Repeat the program as many times as needed to achieve full range of motion, reduce symptoms, and/or preventive maintenance.

Built to improve:
-Standing Lumbo Pelvic Flexion (touching your toes)
-Anti-extension strength
-Hollow Body position
-Postural Stamina
-Core strength and stability

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Is this right for me? YES if....
-Your low back hurts before, during or after a workout. Especially one involving deadlifts, squats or running.
-You can’t bend over and touch your toes without pain or tightness.
-Your core is weak and undisciplined.
-Your low back over-extends with weight overhead or in the front rack.
-You can’t maintain a good hollow-body position.
-High rep deadlifts and/or squats cause low back pain or tightness.

Is this WRONG for me? Maybe if....
-If you are recovering from surgery or an acute injury you need to speak with your Doctor before starting any Program.
-If you are having back spasms, weakness, shooting pain, sharp pain or are sensitive to the touch DO NOT start. Contact us first.

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Corrective Action: Back Edition
Total cost: $49.00